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Augie - Don't Bother Me Now - I'm on a Roll.jpg (62977 bytes)   Augie [Moreno] - "Don't Bother Me Now, I'm On A Roll"

Augie's Ride.jpg (69184 bytes)   Augie [Moreno] -"Augie's Ride"

Cathy - Miss Piggie.jpg (65966 bytes)    Joey, Cathy and Joe - "Dressing Miss Piggie"

Cathy with Grandma and Grandpa Keeler.jpg (74052 bytes)    Grandpa [Keeler], Grandma and Cathy

Chris - Ahoy Maties.jpg (65167 bytes)    Chris - "Ahoy Maties"

Chris - Charcoal for Christmas.jpg (43470 bytes)    Joey and Chris - "Charcoal for Christmas"

Chris - Howdy Pardner.jpg (61373 bytes)    Chris - "Howdy Pardner"

Chris - Pee Wee Chris.jpg (48283 bytes)   Chris - "Pee Wee Chris"

Chris - Uh Oh.jpg (22122 bytes)    Chris - "Uh Oh"

Family Photo - Holiday at Grandma Keeler's.jpg (40178 bytes)    Cathy, Bobby [Keeler], Grandma, Joe, Joey, Grandpa and Chris

                             - Holiday celebration at Grandma Keeler's 

Family Photo - Last Photo with Shaga.jpg (82450 bytes)    Joey, Cathy, Joe and Chris - Last Photo with Shaga (1998)

Family Photo - New Hampshire Vacation - Jumping from the Dock.jpg (23938 bytes)    Paul [Keeler] and Joe - "Jumping from the Dock"

Family Photo - The Real Boys of Summer.jpg (38824 bytes)    Chris, Joe, Joey and Paul [Keeler] - "The Real Boys of Summer"""

Family Photo - Three Generations of Keeler Men.jpg (100390 bytes)    Tiger [Keeler], Grandpa and Dad - "Three Generations of Keeler Men"

Grandma and Grandpa Egner - Wedding Photo.jpg (86311 bytes)    Grandpa and Grandma [Egner] - Wedding Photo

Grandma and Grandpa Fernandez - 1955.jpg (45621 bytes)    Grandma and Grandpa [Fernandez] - 1955

Chris at Crystal Lake.jpg (59945 bytes)    Chris - "At Copake Lake" (1980)

Chris' Cheesy Thanksgiving.jpg (41178 bytes)    Chris - "Chris' Cheesy Thanksgiving"

Grandma and Grandpa Keeler.jpg (27639 bytes)    Grandma and Grandpa [Keeler] - at Uncle Joseph's Wedding

Grandma Enger - 1955.jpg (37905 bytes)    Grandma [Egner] - 1955

Grandpa Egner.jpg (104759 bytes)    Grandpa [Egner]

Joe - A Handsome Guy Sitting on the Couch.jpg (26864 bytes)    Joe - "A Handsome Guy Sitting On a Couch"

Joe - A Man - His Car - And a Dog that Wants a Ride.jpg (64959 bytes)    Joe - "A Man, His Car, And a Dog That Wants a Ride"

Joey and Alvin - Before Pnomia.jpg (37183 bytes)    Joey - "Joey and Alvin Before Alvin got P'nomia"

Joey and Chauncey.jpg (54037 bytes)    Joey - "Joey and Chauncey"

Joey and Chris - Great Grandma and her Boys.jpg (79401 bytes)    Joey, Grandma [Keeler] and Chris - "Great Grandma and Her Boys"

Joey and Chris - His candy ain't heavy - he's my bother (Halloween).jpg (29195 bytes)    Joey and Chris - "His Candy Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" (Halloween)

Joey and Chris - Joy.jpg (61782 bytes)    Joey and Chris - "Joy" (1981)

Joey and Chris - Playing in the Snow.jpg (46596 bytes)    Joey and Chris - "Playing in the Snow"

Joey and Chris - Vroom Vroom.jpg (32906 bytes)    Joey and Chris - "Vroom, Vroom"

Mom and Dad Fernandez - Wedding Photo.jpg (175968 bytes)    Mom and Dad [Fernandez] - Wedding Photo

Mom and Dad Fernandez - Years and Years After the Wedding Photo.jpg (68353 bytes)    Mom and Dad [Fernandez] - "Years After the Wedding Photo"

Mom and Dad Keeler.jpg (108571 bytes)    Mom and Dad [Keeler]

Shaga - Before.jpg (50696 bytes)    Shaga - "Before"

Shaga - After.jpg (39129 bytes)    Shaga - "After"

Shaga - Headin' Out for a Fourth of July Bash.jpg (61542 bytes)    Shaga - "Headin' Out for a Fourth of July Bash"

Shaga - In her Easter Bonnet.jpg (66613 bytes)    Shaga - "In Her Easter Bonnet"

Suzie in North Carolina - Before.jpg (58178 bytes)    Suzie [Moreno] - "In North Carolina, Before"

Suzie in North Carolina - After.jpg (62879 bytes)    Suzie [Moreno] - "In North Carolina, After"

Cathy-1975.jpg (275051 bytes)    Cathy - 1975

Joey and Chris in Boston.jpg (42766 bytes)    Joey and Chris - "Boston Tea Party"

Joey and Chris - Sharp Dressed Men.jpg (610001 bytes)    Chris and Joey - "Sharp Dressed Men" (2003)

Gloria and Stanley - Maybe it is and maybe it isnt.jpg (265244 bytes)    Gloria [Quinn] and Stanley [Gurzenda] - "Maybe It Is and Maybe It Isn't"

Fernandez Gurzenda and Quinn - At the Castle Steps.jpg (276268 bytes)     Fernandez, Gurzenda and Quinn Families - "At the Castle Steps" (2003)

Three Amigos.jpg (215396 bytes)    Joe, Mike [Quinn] and Stanley [Gurzenda]  - "The Three Amigos"

Tiger Keeler Family at Christmas.jpg (247462 bytes)    Blanca [Keeler], Tiger Jr. and Tiger Sr. - "Christmas Portrait"

Jo.jpg (270314 bytes)    Jo [Asaro] - "Hello, Again" (1999)

Jeremy.jpg (203949 bytes)    Jeremy [Snowberger] - "Young and Single" (2002)

Fernandez Siblings - Last Photo Together.jpg (1362500 bytes)    Joe, Suzie, Barbara, Paul [nee Fernandez] - Last Photo Together (1997)

Fernandez Brothers.jpg (51964 bytes)   Joey and Chris - "The Fernandez Brothers" (2003)

 Tessas Walk.jpg (54381 bytes)   Tessa Rinehart - "Tessa's Walk" (2003)

Joey.jpg (50714 bytes)   Joey - At the Hay Adams (2003)

Joe.jpg (72383 bytes)   Joe - At Mount Vernon (2003)

Stasiuk Women.jpg (109892 bytes)   Christine, Katherine, Barbara and Theresa Stasiuk (2003)

Bride.jpg (74670 bytes)   George and Theresa Stasiuk - "The Bride" (2003)

Wedding Kiss.jpg (71515 bytes)   Theresa and Kevin Butler - "Wedded Kiss" (2003)

Mr Chumplets.jpg (50558 bytes)   Mr. Chumplets (2003)

Becca and Andy.jpg (80630 bytes)   Becca and Andy (2003)

Just Like Old Times.jpg (85246 bytes)   Joe and Mike Quinn - "Just Like Old Times" (May 2005)

Got Something to Say.jpg (87594 bytes)   Mike Quinn - "Got Something to Say" (May 2005)

Hangin with Dad.jpg (55755 bytes)   Brian Quinn - "Hanging With Dad" (May 2005)

Service with a Smile.jpg (97044 bytes)   Gloria Quinn - "Service With a Smile" (May 2005)

I'm Flying.jpg (106121 bytes)   Sammy - "I'm Flying" (June 2005)

Just Looking.jpg (94079 bytes)   Cooper - "Just Lookin'" (June 2005)

The Heck with those Humans.jpg (74239 bytes)   Cooper and Sammy - "The Heck with Those Humans" (June 2005)

Bad Hair Day.jpg (63644 bytes)    Sammy - "Bad Hair Day" (June 2005)

Not a Morning Person.jpg (120972 bytes)    Cooper - "Not A Morning Person" (June 2005)

Not a Morning Person.jpg (120972 bytes)    Cathy and Doggies (Oct 2010)


 Not a Morning Person.jpg (120972 bytes)    Billly, Bobby and Cathy Keeler, Maureen and Maryann Juskiewicz